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Carmelite Sites

Below is an illustrated index of the 3 Carmelite sites profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • St. Anne's Church
    Augsburg, Germany
    Founded in 1321 by Carmelite monks, this fine Gothic church went on play a role in the history of the Reformation. It is notable for its fine works of art and its Luther museum.
  • Monasterio de la Encarnacion
    Avila, Spain
    An important pilgrimage stop, this Carmelite convent is where St. Teresa of Ávila lived, wrote and had many of her mystical experiences.
  • Convento do Carmo
    Lisbon, Portugal
    This partially ruined Carmelite convent was Lisbon's largest until it was severely damaged in the 1755 earthquake. Today open-air summer orchestral concerts are held beneath its majestic archways.