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Gothic Murals

Below is an illustrated index of the 17 Gothic Murals profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

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  • Oude Kerk
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Located alongside a canal in the Red Light District, the Oude Kerk is the oldest monument in Amsterdam, dating from 1250. Inside it has painted wooden ceilings, box pews and choir stalls with misericords.
  • Anagni Cathedral
    Anagni, Italy
    Anagni Cathedral is a fine Romanesque edifice especially famed for its crypt, which is covered in beautifully-preserved medieval frescoes of biblical stories, saints and science.
  • San Damiano Convent
    Assisi, Italy
    This church and convent outside the city walls is where the crucifix spoke to St. Francis, prompting him to repair it and begin his ministry. Later, St. Clare lived and died here.
  • Basilica di San Francesco
    Assisi, Italy
    Filled with spectacular frescoes by Giotto, this church is Assisi's crowning glory. It is a place of pilgrimage for Francis devotees and art lovers alike.
  • Basilica di Santa Chiara
    Assisi, Italy
    This 13th-century church is the final resting place of St. Clare, the beloved friend of St. Francis and founder-abbess of the Order of the Poor Clares.
  • Black Bourton Church
    Black Bourton, England
    This charming old church is well worth a visit for its Norman architecture and faded 13th-century murals of biblical scenes and saints.
  • Chalgrove Church
    Chalgrove, England
    This Oxfordshire church is famed for its medieval frescoes dating from c.1330. Narrating the lives of Christ and the Virgin Mary, the murals are one of the most complete sets in England.
  • Clermont Cathedral
    Clermont-Ferrand, France
    Located in the Auvergne region of central France, Clermont Cathedral is a striking Gothic edifice made of black lava stone. Inside it has beautiful medieval stained glass windows, frescoes, and an old crypt.
  • Martinskirche
    Linz, Austria
    Founded by Charlemagne, the 8th-century Church of St. Martin in Linz is the oldest church in Austria that still retains most of its original form.
  • Little Kimble Church
    Little Kimble, England
    The Church of All Saints in Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire, is a pleasant little church with fragments of 14th-century wall paintings.
  • Pantheon
    Rome, Italy
    This magnificent ancient temple was built by Emperor Hadrian in 125 AD and converted into a church in 609. It is the oldest intact ancient building in Rome.
  • Ruvo di Puglia Cathedral
    Ruvo di Puglia, Italy
    This is a small but elegant Romanesque cathedral in Puglia, southern Italy. Its facade features many interesting sculptures and a lovely rose window.
  • Saint-Révérien Church
    Saint-Révérien, France
    The 12th-century Church of St. Reverianus in Burgundy was once a priory church affiliated with Cluny and a stop for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. It has important Romanesque capitals in the choir and late medieval frescoes in the apse.
  • St Thomas Becket Church
    Salisbury, England
    Built for the masons who worked on Salisbury Cathedral, this parish church is known for its unique and well-preserved medieval mural of the Last Judgment.
  • South Leigh Church
    South Leigh, England
    The Church of St. James in South Leigh, Oxfordshire, mostly dates from the 15th century. It is notable for its beautiful 15th-century wall paintings depicting the Last Judgment, saints, and other themes.
  • St Albans Cathedral
    St Albans, England
    Made from Roman spoils, St Albans Cathedral shelters the shrine of England's first Christian martyr, Gothic murals, and the longest nave in Britain.
  • St. Peterskirche
    Zurich, Switzerland
    St. Peter's is the oldest church in Zürich and boasts the largest clock face in Europe.