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Healing Site

Below is an illustrated index of the 5 Healing Site profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux
    Banneux, Belgium
    In 1933, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl of Banneux on eight separate occasions. The Blessed Virgin spoke only briefly, but led young Mariette to a spring with healing powers.
  • Asklepion
    Pergamum, Turkey
    Pergamum's 2nd-century Asklepion was a famed temple and medical center dedicated to Asklepius, the god of healing. Some treatments used a sacred water source that was later discovered to have radioactive properties.
  • St Augustine's Well
    Cerne Abbas, England
    Said to have been blessed by Saint Augustine himself, this holy well is believed to have healing and fertility properties.
  • House of the Virgin
    Ephesus, Turkey
    Discovered in a vision by a bedridden German nun in 1812, this stone building is believed by many Catholics and Muslims to be where the Virgin Mary lived her last years. There is also a healing fountain.
  • Loreto Church
    Salzburg, Austria