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Miracle Site

Below is an illustrated index of the 9 Miracle Site profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Cana
    Some scholars think this site, known as Khirbet Cana, is the Cana in which Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding.
  • Christ of the Tears
    Cochabamba, Bolivia
    Since 1995, a small statue of Christ has wept bloody tears on Good Friday. A number of investigations have been carried out, and the phenomenon remains unexplained. You can even watch a video of the event.
  • Ivolginksy Datsan
    Ivolginsk, Russia
    The small town of Ivolginsk in East Siberia is home to Russia's most important Buddhist monastery and a miracle - the body of the last Khambo Lama, who died in 1927, remains upright and undecayed today.
  • Tomb of Lazarus, Bethany
    A village on the east slope of the Mount of Olives, Bethany was the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha and was frequented by Jesus during his ministry. The Tomb of Lazarus is the main attraction.
  • Holy House of Loreto
    Loreto, Italy
    Since medieval times, the Santa Casa di Loreto has been believed to be the very home in which the Virgin Mary lived and raised the young Jesus. A large basilica was built around the small shrine, which attracts 4 million visitors each year.
  • Monasterio de la Encarnación
    Madrid, Spain
    Nestled in a charming little square, the second of Central Madrid's royal Hapsburg monasteries contains a fascinating relics room.
  • Naples Cathedral
    Naples, Italy
    The medieval cathedral of Naples contains an ancient baptistery, many notable artworks, several royal tombs, and the miraculously liquefying blood of San Gennaro.
  • Santa Maria in Trastevere
    Rome, Italy
    This church is held to be the first place of Christian worship in Rome, built where a fountain of oil sprung up on the day of Christ's birth. Inside are many excellent mosaics.
  • Seefeld Eucharistic Miracle
    Tirol, Austria