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Notable Doors

Below is an illustrated index of the 5 Notable Doors profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Florence Baptistery
    Florence, Italy
    Built in the 4th or 5th century, the baptistery is one of Florence's oldest buildings. It is covered inside and out with splendid medieval and Renaissance decoration.
  • Hildesheim Cathedral
    Hildesheim, Germany
    Founded in 1010, the cathedral of Hildesheim contains many treasures of early medieval art, including bronze doors carved with biblical scenes and a bronze column showing the life of Christ.
  • Le Puy Cathedral
    Le Puy, France
    The exotic facade of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame overlooks Le Puy from the top of steep medieval street. It is still a major starting point for pilgrimages to Santiago.
  • Santa Sabina
    Rome, Italy
    Santa Sabina is Rome's best surviving example of an early Christian church. It dates from 422, including its carved wooden doors with biblical scenes.
  • San Zeno Maggiore
    Verona, Italy
    The most important medieval church in Verona, San Zeno was founded in the 5th century and rebuilt in the 12th century. It has fine bronze doors and many other important artworks.