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Reformed Sites

Below is an illustrated index of the 8 Reformed sites profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Auditoire de Calvin
    Geneva, Switzerland
    In this Protestant lecture hall, John Knox preached from 1556 to 1559 and John Calvin founded a Christian academy in 1559.
  • Geneva Cathedral (St-Pierre)
    Geneva, Switzerland
    In this historic cathedral you can see the pulpit from which John Calvin preached the Reformation, examine interesting carved capitals, and climb the tower for spectacular views.
  • Lausanne Cathedral
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    This unique Gothic cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland, with carved portals on the outside and soaring heights inside. It was once home to a revered golden statue of the Virgin Mary.
  • Marekerk
    Leiden, Netherlands
    Designed in 1639 for a Protestant congregation, the Marekerk is a good example of Dutch Classicism.
  • Pieterskerk
    Leiden, Netherlands
    The Pieterskerk (St. Peter's Church) is a Gothic church built between 1390 and 1565 and now deconsecrated. Several Leiden notables are buried here, including Pilgrim pastor John Robinson, theologian Jacobus Arminius and painter Jan Steen.
  • John Calvin Museum
    Noyon, France
    The Musée Jean Calvin is a museum dedicated to the French reformer John Calvin, located on the site of his birth house in Noyon, France.
  • Spiez Schlosskirche
    Spiez, Switzerland
    The Castle Church of Spiez is an atmospheric 10th-century church on the shores of Lake Thun. Inside are faded medieval frescoes.
  • House of Theodore Beza
    Vézelay, France
    A small plaque marks the house in Vézelay where John Calvin's right-hand man was born in 1519.