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Romanesque Murals

Below is an illustrated index of the 14 Romanesque Murals profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Aix Cathedral
    Aix-en-Provence, France
    The Cathédrale St-Sauveur in Aix was built from the 5th century to the 15th century. Its many highlights include an ancient baptistery, a fine cloister, and Nicolas Fromen's Burning Bush Triptych.
  • Bath Abbey
    Bath, England
    Once a monastery and a cathedral, this spectacular cream-colored edifice now serves as the parish church of Bath. The interior is famed for its glorious fan vaulting.
  • Göreme Cave Churches
    Cappadocia, Turkey
    Cappadocia's most famous attraction, for good reason, is the Göreme Open Air Museum, a complex of medieval cave churches carved out and painted by Orthodox monks.
  • Conques Abbey
    Conques, France
    Nestled high in the hills of southwest France, the picturesque little village of Conques is home to a magnificent Romanesque church and a golden medieval shrine.
  • Gourdon Church
    Gourdon, France
    Standing atop a hill in the center of a Burgundian village, Gourdon Church has a pale-pink interior with restored Romanesque frescoes and carved capitals.
  • Le Puy Cathedral
    Le Puy, France
    The exotic facade of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame overlooks Le Puy from the top of steep medieval street. It is still a major starting point for pilgrimages to Santiago.
  • Chapel of St Michael d'Aiguilhe
    Le Puy, France
    Built in 962 and enlarged in the 12th century, this pilgrimage chapel stands atop a rock pinnacle 260 feet high. It contains a marvelous carved portal and frescoes.
  • Baptistère Saint-Jean
    Poitiers, France
    Poitiers Baptistery was built around 360 AD, making it the oldest church in France. It was expanded in the 6th century, decorated with frescoes in the 12th century, and is now a museum.
  • St-Hilaire-le-Grand
    Poitiers, France
    Built in the 11th century, the pilgrimage church of St-Hilaire has a fine apse surrounded by chapels, wall paintings in the choir and several carved capitals.
  • Rocamadour Shrine
    Rocamadour, France
    Located about 100 miles north of Toulouse, Rocamadour is a spectacular natural and religious site perched high on a rocky plateau that receives 1.5 million visitors each year.
  • St-Savin-sur-Gartempe Church
    St-Savin-sur-Gartempe, France
    This 11th-century Romanesque abbey church is a World Heritage Site, thanks to its medieval frescoes of Bible stories that cover the interior.
  • Nonnberg Convent
    Salzburg, Austria
    Primarily famous as the convent of Maria, both in real life and in The Sound of Music, Nonnberg is also one of the oldest nunneries in the world and boasts 10th-century Romanesque frescoes.
  • Spiez Schlosskirche
    Spiez, Switzerland
    The Castle Church of Spiez is an atmospheric 10th-century church on the shores of Lake Thun. Inside are faded medieval frescoes.
  • Grossmünster
    Zurich, Switzerland
    The unique and imposing Great Minster was built in 1090 by Charlemagne as a shrine to local martyrs. Later, Zwingli preached the Reformation from its pulpit.