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Sacred Waters

Below is an illustrated index of the 16 Sacred Waters profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

Sacred Waters (View on Map)

  • Pura Tirta Empul
    Bali, Indonesia
    This thousand-year-old temple centers around a pool fed by a sacred spring created by Indra.
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux
    Banneux, Belgium
    In 1933, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl of Banneux on eight separate occasions. The Blessed Virgin spoke only briefly, but led young Mariette to a spring with healing powers.
  • Roman Baths
    Bath, England
    Dedicated to the Celtic-Roman goddess Sulis Minerva, these ancient Roman baths are still fed by a sacred hot spring. There is also a fine museum of artifacts discovered at the site.
  • Asklepion
    Pergamum, Turkey
    Pergamum's 2nd-century Asklepion was a famed temple and medical center dedicated to Asklepius, the god of healing. Some treatments used a sacred water source that was later discovered to have radioactive properties.
  • St Augustine's Well
    Cerne Abbas, England
    Said to have been blessed by Saint Augustine himself, this holy well is believed to have healing and fertility properties.
  • Crater Lake
    Oregon, USA
    This spectacular mountain lake in the Cascade Mountains is widely renowned for its great depth and beauty. It is sacred to the Klamath Indians.
  • House of the Virgin
    Ephesus, Turkey
    Discovered in a vision by a bedridden German nun in 1812, this stone building is believed by many Catholics and Muslims to be where the Virgin Mary lived her last years. There is also a healing fountain.
  • Hammamat Ma'in
    Hammamat Ma'in (also called Zarqa Ma'in) is a series of natural hot springs and waterfalls with biblical connections, located between Madaba and the Dead Sea in Jordan.
  • Hierapolis
    Believed to have been founded by Apollo, Hierapolis was the site of sacred hot springs associated with Pluto, god of the underworld. The city had a significant Jewish community and was mentioned by Paul in Colossians.
  • Kiyomizudera
    Kyoto, Japan
    This popular Buddhist temple offers a healing waterfall and an incredible view over the city of Kyoto from its wooden terrace.
  • Lake Manasarovar
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Grotto of Massabielle
    Lourdes, France
    The holiest site at Lourdes, this is the grotto in which Mary appeared to Bernadette in 1858 and the source of the shrine's healing waters.
  • Rishikesh
    Uttarakhand, India
  • St. Non's Well
    St Davids, Wales
    Said to have sprung up when St. Non gave birth to St. David around 500 AD, this holy well has long been believed to have healing properties.
  • Tirthapuri Hot Springs
    Located north of Mount Kailash, Tirthapuri is an important pilgrimage site. After bathing in the hot springs, pilgrims visit a monastery that enshrines the footprints of Guru Rinpoche.