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Canterbury Cathedral: Corona Redemption Window: Typology of the Crucifixion

Corona Redemption Window: Typology of the Crucifixion

Medieval stained glass depiction of the Crucifixion with flanking scenes of Old Testament "types." Bottom scene in the Corona Redemption Window (Corona I), c.1200-07. The central panel was fully recreated in 1853, but the surrounding scenes are medieval.

On the left, Moses saves the Israelites from their thirst in the desert by striking a rock and making water flow (Ex 17:6-7). Similarly, Christ was stabbed with a spear and produced blood and water (Jn 19:34) for the salvation of the people.

On the right is the Tau on the Lintel, representing the Passover instructions to mark the lintel with lamb's blood to be spared from the plague (Ex 12:1-13). Exodus doesn't indicate the shape of the mark, but medieval iconography imagined it as a cross to emphasize the link with Christ, the Lamb of God.