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Photo of Conques Abbey

The Heavenly Jerusalem

Detail of the Last Judgment Tympanum (1107-25) over the west door. Heaven, or the Heavenly Jerusalem (Rev. 21:1-4). In the center is Abraham, who embraces two chosen souls carrying sceptres decorated with flowers. Above his head is a lantern. On the right are two prophets carrying scrolls, followed by two prophetesses. These four figures, all with halos, represent the Old Testament. On the left are two saints, at least one of which is a martyr (with palm branch), who carry a single chalice. Further left are two pairs of women. The first pair hold ointments, the second an open book and a lit lamp (Mt. 25:1-13). Above the "rooftop" are Saint Foy in prayer and the resurrection of the dead.

Photo © Holly Hayes.

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