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Schottenkirche St Jakob: Schottenportal: Bottom Left Reliefs

Schottenportal: Bottom Left Reliefs

Sculpture on the bottom left side of the "Schottenportal," the north portal of the Schottenkirche Sankt Jakob, Regensburg. The monastic church was founded by Irish missionaries and dates mostly from the second half of the 12th century. The portal has been dated to c.1180. The left side centers on a projecting sculpture of the Virgin and Child, flanked by two human figures on each side. The figures are wrapped in long cloaks that interwine with each other. Strobel suggests these figures signify harmony. The pair on the right, who seem to be a woman (with long braids) and a man (with beard), touch each other tenderly on the face and neck. Perhaps the pair on the left are also a couple; only one has a beard. (It is worth noting that a similar motif can be seen on a capital in the nave: men with braided beards and hats occupy the four corners, their flowing cloaks entwining in the middle.) Immediately below this happy scene on the left side is a more violent image: a huge dragon with fearsome claws eating a lion. At the bottom is what appears to be a double-tailed siren, symbol of temptation.