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San Clemente: Fresco: Transfer of St. Clement's Relics (11C)

Fresco: Transfer of St. Clement's Relics (11C)

Right side of an 11th-century fresco located in the narthex of the Lower Church. It depicts the transfer of St. Clement's body from St. Peter's Basilica to San Clemente in 868. Saints Cyril and Methodius, missionaries and brothers, had brought the body from the Crimea to Rome and are shown accompanying it on the left. Between them is the Pope, whom the artist identifies as Nicholas, but it was actually Pope Adrian II who received the body. The inscription below indicates the fresco was a gift of the Rapiza family: "I, Maria Macellaria, for the reverence of God and the salvation of my soul, had this painted."

Credit: Holly Hayes