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Photo of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

Holy Relics

Relics of Jesus displayed in the Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome, Italy. Hanging vertically on the left: large fragment of the Good Thief's cross. Top shelf, left: bone of an index finger, said to be the finger of St. Thomas that he placed in the wounds of the Risen Christ. Top shelf, middle: reliquary containing small pieces of: the Scourging Pillar (to which Christ was tied as he was beaten); the Holy Sepulchre (Christ's tomb); and the crib of Jesus. Top shelf, right: two thorns from the Crown of Thorns. It is said that the plant from which these came cannot be identified. Middle shelf, in large cross-shaped reliquary: Three fragments from the True Cross. Bottom shelf, left: one nail used in the Crucifixion. Bottom shelf, right: Titulus Crucis or Title of the Cross, discovered in the church in 1492. The fragment shows the word "Nazarene" written in Hebrew, Latin and Greek.

Photo © Holly Hayes.

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