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Shrine of Sayidda Zeinab: The Shrine of Sayeda Zainab (as)

The Shrine of Sayeda Zainab (as)

Very brief information about Sayeda Zainab (as): She is the one who carried the story of Karbala to the world and stayed with Imam Hussain all his life. She was the daughter of Imam Ali and Sayeda Fatima Al-Zahra. She was born on 5 Jamadi Aloowlah, 5AH in Madeeneh after Imam Hussain (as) and one of her names was: 'Aqeelat Bani Hashim'. She was known for her courage and loyalty to her brother Imam Hussain. She was married to her cousin Jaafer Ibn Abdulla and had two sons: Mohammed and Awn who were both martyred in Karbala. Even after Imam Hussain was slain, Sayeda Zainab took care of the women until they came back to Madeeneh. She went to Al-Sham with her husband and there she died on 63/65 AH.

Credit: Murtada al Mousawy / Flickr