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Spiritual & Cultural Tours of Greece

Listed below are Spiritual & Cultural tours of Greece that are available for booking now. Click on the name of the tour to see full details on the tour company's website and inquire about availability. To add your tour to this directory, please see our tour submission form or contact us.

Tour Description Duration Dates   Price
Crete: The Land of the Gods
Countries: Greece
Categories: Healing · New Age · Shamanism
Duration: 10 days
Dates: March 29-April 7, 2013
Price: $1,450-1,650
Join traditional Huichol shaman and healer, Brant Secunda, for a retreat on the Island of Crete. Journey to the birthplace of modern civilization and explore the sacred land that gave rise to the modern world. The calm turquoise water eases the soul and clears the mind. Our Crete Center overlooks the neighboring islands and affords a clear view of Mount Ida, the tallest snow-capped peak on the warm island. Long sandy beaches and exquisite rock formations line the coast, while sloping mountains create a dramatic backdrop for this 9-day retreat. Local Mediterranean cuisine and the relaxed lifestyle generate an atmosphere geared towards clearing the mind and healing the body. Learn more »
10 days March 29-April 7, 2013 $1,450-1,650