Religious Tours & Spiritual Journeys in Athens

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A curated directory of religious tours and spiritual journeys in Athens available for booking.

Tour Description Countries Duration Dates Min Price
Athens Photography Walking Tour: Hills and Demes of Ancient Greece
Company: Viator
Destinations: Athens
Categories: mosques · photography · temples

Starting at the pedestrian area of Apostolou Pavlou street, which unites the major archaeological sites of Athens, you will follow in the steps of Hadrian to see where he attended the inauguration of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Wind your way past Roman ruins, mosques, temples and the homes of the Greek Gods of Olympus as en route you see the 3000 year old theatres which premiered the plays of Sophocles and Euripides and that are still in use today. Details and booking→

Greece 3 hours 30 minutes various dates $105.32
Thessaloniki Markets Tour
Company: Viator
Destinations: Athens
Categories: churches · history · Judaism

Discover the lesser-known gems and hidden markets of Thessaloniki on a 3-hour walking tour, led by a friendly local guide! On a leisurely stroll around town, scout out vibrant markets selling almost everything from food and spices to flowers and bric-a-brac while learning about Thessaloniki’s intriguing history. Sample street food and meet local craftspeople at the Coppersmith’s Arcade near the beautiful Panagia Chalkeon church. Visits to the old Jewish quarter of Ladadika as well as markets such as Bit Pazar, Paliatzidika and Modiano are also included. Details and booking→

Greece 3 hours various dates $37.92
Athens Art Tour: National Archeological Museum and Byzantine and Christian Museum
Company: Viator
Destinations: Athens
Categories: art · Christianity · history

Learn about Greek art and history on a half-day tour of two must-visit Athens museums: Byzantine and Christian Museum and the National Archeological Museum. Led by an art-loving local guide, the tour introduces you to incredible pieces of religious art created during the Byzantine period, plus the different eras of Greek civilization. See mosaics, paintings, books and more on this exciting art history tour! All meals, public transport costs and entrance fees are at your own expense. Details and booking→

Greece 4 hours various dates $63.19