Religious Tours & Spiritual Journeys in Avignon

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A curated directory of religious tours and spiritual journeys in Avignon available for booking.

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Private Provence Tour: Rhone River Cruise and La Camargue
Company: Viator
Destinations: Avignon
Categories: boat tours · churches

Start your day with a visit to Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, a famous site for gypsy pilgrimage. Its fortress church proudly holds the relics of Saint Sarah, saint of the Gypsies. Discover the wetlands surrounding this coastal town that is right on the edge of the Rhone river delta, along with the variety of flora and fauna that are at the heart of one of France's most unique ecosystems. End your day with a trip to the small medieval town of Aigues-Mortes, Saint Louis' gateway to the sea. Details and booking→

France 10 hours various dates $95.49
Avignon and Provence Independent City Tour
Company: Viator
Destinations: Avignon
Categories: Christianity · churches · palaces

The Palace of the Popes stands as the mighty symbol of the church's influence throughout the western Christian world in the 14th century. Construction was started in 1335 and completed in less than twenty years under the leadership of two builder popes, Benedict XII and his successor Clement VI. Details and booking→

France flexible various dates $126.38