Religious Tours & Spiritual Journeys in Beijing

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A curated directory of religious tours and spiritual journeys in Beijing available for booking.

Tour Description Countries Duration Dates Min Price
Beijing Walking Tour: History of Chinese Thought and Religion Led by a PhD Scholar
Company: Viator
Destinations: Beijing
Categories: Buddhism · history · temples

Visit Beijing’s major temples with a PhD scholar of Chinese history and gain an in-depth understanding of China’s three major religions: Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism. Take a walk through a traditional hutong laneway, and see how religious practices integrate into contemporary Chinese life. Your scholar-led, semi-private tour, limited to no more than six people, will provide you with a unique and meaningful perspective on these three Chinese religions. Details and booking→

China 3 hours various dates $98.66
2-Night Best of Shandong Tour by Bullet Train from Beijing
Company: Viator
Destinations: Beijing
Categories: temples

Ride the world’s fastest railway to Qufu and explore the attractions of Shandong on a private 2-night tour from Beijing. Visit the Temple of Confucius, Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion, all part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll learn about the great philosopher of ancient China, whose system of belief – Confucianism – still influences Chinese culture today. Then, ascend Mt Tai (Tai Shan) by bus and cable car to explore the many gates and temples with your expert private guide! Details and booking→

China 3 days, 2 nights various dates $473.75