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Nuremberg Third Reich and Roman Empire Historical Day Trip
Company: Viator
Destinations: Munich
Categories: castles · churches · history

During your time in Germany, visit the famous town of Nuremberg and learn about its fascinating story on this full-day trip from Munich. Today a dynamic and lively city, Nuremberg calls to mind a history of tyrannical rule. With your expert guide, retrace Nuremberg's story and learn about the birthplace of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations and the Third Reich empire with a tour of the historic old town. See the mighty Nuremberg Castle and the city walls, visit the churches and monuments and get an in-depth look at the tyranny of Hitler and the leaders of the Third Reich.Special Offer - Book now and save over 20% on the recommended retail price! - Book Now! Details and booking→

Germany 10 hours 30 minutes various dates $54.77