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Photo of Antakya Archaeological Museum

View from Upper Gallery of Yakto Mosaic

View from an upper gallery of the Yakto Mosaic (named after where it was found), also known as the Megalopsychia Hunt Mosaic, named for the central figure. Fifth century AD, Yakto village near Daphne, Antakya Museum, inv. 1016. In the center is a woman personifying Megalopsychia ("Greatness of Soul"). Around the central medallion are hunting scenes involving Greek heroes like Adonis and Narcissus. The most significant aspect of this remarkable mosaic is the border, which depicts a "day in the life" of fifth-century Antioch and Daphne and shows several buildings that are now lost. The entire top portion is unfortunately lost, but the three sides that remain mostly intact provide a guided tour from ancient Antioch to Daphne (or vice versa).

Photo © Dick Osseman.