About Images on Sacred Destinations


Who do the photos belong to?

Thousands of the photos in Sacred Destinations articles and photo galleries, especially those in Western Europe, Morocco, and the USA, were taken by the author and her husband. But because we haven't been everywhere yet, we also publish photos from other photographers, which are used by permission or under license.

Here's how to tell whether we own a particular photo:

  1. Images credited to Holly Hayes or sometimes, those with no credit line, are copyright to Sacred Destinations. These photos may not be used on any public website or publication without permission, but are available for certain academic and religious purposes as well as licensing as stock photos. Please see (1) below for details.

  2. If a photo is captioned with someone's name and/or includes a link to another source, please do not write to us for permission to use it. Please see (2) below for details.

1) Images © Sacred Destinations

Our own photos can be seen in articles and photo galleries throughout Sacred Destinations and on our dedicated image website, Art History Images. All photos copyright to Sacred Destinations are available as high-resolution images for use in websites, books, magazines or other publications, as well as art prints and other uses.

If you wish to license one of our images, simply e-mail us at Art History Images with your inquiry. We will respond shortly with a license quote.

In addition to the photos published on both of these websites, we have thousands more images waiting on our hard drive - so if you have a particular photo need, please e-mail us. We will be glad to do image research and upload any relevant photos for your review. We can also do minor Photoshop corrections on request.

Free use in schools, churches, etc.

Teachers and students may use any of our images for class presentations, projects, lectures, homework - basically any use in school - under the principles of Fair Use. Churches, temples and other non-profit organizations may also use our photos internally free of charge, such as in sermons, Bible studies, presentations, etc. It is not necessary to ask permission for these uses, but please be sure to cite the source for the photo as Sacred Destinations, including the URL (www.sacred-destinations.com). Note that a small fee may apply for requests of multiple high-resolution photos.

For public use (including books, magazines, promotional material, websites), regardless of non-profit status, the standard fees shown above usually apply and you must contact us for permission.

2) Images by Other Photographers

When I have used other photographers' images, I have included a credit line with the photo. Please look for this credit line before contacting me for permission to use a photo. Once you've found the credit (or the lack of it - see above), here's what to do:

  • Images copyrighted to other photographers (indicated with the © symbol) are used by their express permission. These may not be reused on other websites or publications without the permission of the photographer. Please contact them directly by following the attribution link, where available. Flickr photographers can be difficult to contact, since only some provide their e-mail address on the their profile page and only other way to contact them is via "Flickr Mail," which requires a Flickr account.

  • Creative Commons images (indicated with the Creative Commons License symbol) can be reused without permission of the photographer but you must attribute the image to them and some licenses prohibit commerical use. Please read the relevant license for details, by clicking on the Creative Commons License symbol in the credit. To contact the photographer, follow the link in the credit line to look for contact information. If it leads to a Flickr profile page, look for an e-mail or website address at the top or very bottom of the page. If there is none, the only way to contact them is to send a "Flickr Mail," which requires a (free) Flickr account. If the link leads to a personal webpage, contact information is not always easy to find either. Try looking at the bottom of the page, their About page, or beneath particular photos.

  • GFDL images (indicated by a GFDL link) can be reused without permission of the photographer for any purpose, and attribution is not required. The only requirement is to release the photo under the same license. For details, see the license.

  • Images stated to be in the public domain can be used by anyone with no restrictions - go ahead and use it without contacting me.

You are welcome to contact me with questions regarding the above, but please note that when images aren't my own, I can't always help you find the source of the image or contact the photographer. The above information is provided in an effort to be helpful, but my primary concern in crediting images is to fulfill the requirements of reuse, not to help websites or publications find useful photos.

Last updated: May 12, 2014.