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Protestant Sites

Below is an illustrated index of the 13 Protestant sites profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Berliner Dom
    Berlin, Germany
    Built in 1905, this impressive basilica has been called the "Protestant St. Peter's." The crypt contains tombs of Prussian royals and you can climb up to the dome.
  • Französische Kirche
    Bern, Switzerland
    The oldest church in Bern (1270) and originally part of a Dominican monastery, the French Church has welcomed French-speaking Protestants since 1623. It is especially notable for its rare frescoed rood screen.
  • Heiliggeistkirche
    Bern, Switzerland
    This church near the train station is acclaimed as Switzerland's finest example of Protestant church building. Dating from the 1720s, the church has a fine Baroque interior.
  • Bern Münster
    Bern, Switzerland
    The Berner Münster (formerly Cathedral of St. Vincent) is a late-Gothic church with magnificent carved portals. Its spire is the tallest in Switzerland.
  • Reformation Wall
    Geneva, Switzerland
    This huge monument was constructed in 1917 to commemorate Geneva's significant role in the Reformation. It features an array of stone statues, bas-reliefs and inscriptions.
  • Garden Tomb
    Discovered in 1867, this ancient tomb in a peaceful garden is honored by many Protestants as the site of Jesus' burial instead of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City.
  • St-Francois Church
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Dating from 1272, this church was once the center of a Franciscan monastery set against the southern city walls. It is now a Protestant parish church.
  • Bunhill Fields
    London, England
    A Nonconformist (i.e. non-Anglican) cemetery, Bunhill Fields is the burial place of such notables as John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, William Blake, and Susanna Wesley.
  • Roskilde Domkirke
    Roskilde, Denmark
    Roskilde is an ancient city and the former Danish capital, and its splendid 12th-century brick cathedral is filled with dozens of tombs of Danish royals.
  • St. David's Cathedral
    St Davids, Wales
    Founded in the 7th century, St. David's Cathedral in Wales was a major pilgrimage destination in the Middle Ages thanks to its relics of St. David (Dewi).
  • Aula Palatina (Basilica of Constantine)
    Trier, Germany
    Built in 310, this huge brick structure was the throne hall of Constantine and other Roman emperors. Today it is used as a Protestant church.
  • Nidaros Cathedral
    Trondheim, Norway
    Built 1070-1300, this is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and the most important church in Norway.
  • Uppsala Cathedral
    Uppsala, Sweden
    The Domkyrka of Uppsala is the largest cathedral in Scandinavia. The twin-spired, rose-hued Gothic structure stands nearly 400 feet tall. Inside are the relics of St. Erik, tombs of notables and a small museum.