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Sacred Sites in Ethiopia

Below is an illustrated index of the sacred sites and religious places in Ethiopia profiled so far on Sacred Destinations, listed in alphabetical order by name. Please note this list is far from comprehensive - many more great sites remain to be added. You can also view these sites on an interactive map of Ethiopia.

  • Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant
    Axum, Ethiopia
    The biblical Ark of the Covenant mysteriously disappeared from Jerusalem sometime before Christ. But Ethiopians and some western theorists know exactly where it is: enshrined in this chapel in Axum.
  • New Church of St. Mary of Zion
    Axum, Ethiopia
    Emperor Haile Selassie founded this new Church of St. Mary of Zion next to the old one. It was completed in 1964. Unlike the original, the new St. Mary of Zion allows entrance to women.
  • Axum Stelae Field
    Axum, Ethiopia
    Dating from around 300-500 AD, the famous Axum stelae probably predate the arrival of Christianity. Their purpose is almost certainly religious, but the details are not known for certain.
  • Bahar Dar
    Bahar Dar is the site of several lakeside, straw-hut Ethiopian Orthodox monasteries decorated with colorful Christian art and topped with ostrich eggs.
  • Debre Birhan Selassie Church
    Gondar, Ethiopia
    Located in the historical city of Gondar, this Ethiopian Orthodox church is famed for its colorful murals in the unique Ethiopian style.
  • Lalibela
    Lalibela, Ethiopia
    Lalibela is a sacred city for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, and is home to 11 remarkable rock-carved churches dating from the 12th century.