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Below is an illustrated index of the 5 Catacombs profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Iglesia de San Francisco
    Lima, Peru
    Built in 1674, this Franciscan church is considered the finest example of the "Lima Baroque" style of architecture. Inside are Mudejar ceilings, an antique library, and catacombs containing the bones (some artistically arranged) of over 75,000 people.
  • Capuchin Catacombs
    Palermo, Italy
    In 1599, Capuchin monks discovered their catacombs contained a mysterious preservative that helped mummify the dead. As a result, more than 8,000 Sicilians demanded to be buried here and are now on display.
  • Tombs of the Kings
    Paphos, Cyprus
    The Tombs of the Kings are an early necropolis in Paphos dating from 300 BC. The burial niches were looted of artifacts long ago, but a powerful sense of stillness and mystery remains.
  • Early Christian Catacombs
    Rome, Italy
  • St. Peter's Cemetery and Catacombs
    Salzburg, Austria
    Dating back to 1627, this old cemetery is a worthy attraction in itself and it's also where the Von Trapp family hid out in The Sound of Music. In the cliffs above are interesting monastic catacombs.