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Tibetan Sites

Below is an illustrated index of the 9 Tibetan sites profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Lama Temple
    Beijing, China
    This temple is fairly touristy but is still worth a visit for its colorful 17th-century architecture. It is an active Tibetan Buddhist center, but one that is officially sponsored by the Chinese government.
  • Ivolginksy Datsan
    Ivolginsk, Russia
    The small town of Ivolginsk in East Siberia is home to Russia's most important Buddhist monastery and a miracle - the body of the last Khambo Lama, who died in 1927, remains upright and undecayed today.
  • Boudhanath Stupa
    Kathmandu, Nepal
    The largest stupa in Nepal, Boudhanath is the center of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu and rich in Buddhist symbolism.
  • Drepung Monastery
    Lhasa, Tibet
    Founded in 1416, this monastery on the outskirts of Lhasa was once Tibet's largest and most influential, with over 10,000 monks. It remains active today.
  • Jokhang Temple
    Lhasa, Tibet
    This historic temple in Lhasa is the holiest site in Tibetan Buddhism. It houses a venerated Buddha statue and has been a major pilgrimage destination for centuries.
  • Potala Palace
    Lhasa, Tibet
    This castle-monastery was long the primary residence of the Dalai Lama, who now lives in exile in India. Today it is a state museum and World Heritage Site.
  • Samye Monastery
    Founded in the 8th century, Samye Monastery was the first Buddhist monastery built in Tibet. It is designed like a mandala, with the central temple symbolizing Mount Meru, center of the universe.
  • Sakya Monastery
    Seattle, USA
  • Tirthapuri Hot Springs
    Located north of Mount Kailash, Tirthapuri is an important pilgrimage site. After bathing in the hot springs, pilgrims visit a monastery that enshrines the footprints of Guru Rinpoche.