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Photo of Thame Church

In Center of Chancel is Very Fine Monument to Lord Williams of Thame

In the center of the chancel is a very fine monument to Lord Williams of Thame (d.1559), the town's leading citizen and benefactor, and his wife Elizabeth. The tomb-chest is made of black and white marble in a Flemish style, featuring angle pilasters with Renaissance arabesques. The effigies of the couple are carved from alabaster with great skill. Lord Williams wears a cloak over his armor with a chainmail codpiece; his wife wears a cloak over a chemise. Their feet rest on a greyhound and a unicorn. The monument was damaged in the Civil War and repaired in the 17th century by William Bird of Oxford, who carved a new unicorn, greyhound and other stonework. The strapwork panels probably also date from this restoration. Related pages:

Photo © Holly Hayes.