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Transitional Sites

Below is an illustrated index of the 4 Transitional sites profiled on Sacred Destinations so far. For photo credits, please see corresponding articles.

  • Notre Dame de la Chapelle
    Brussels, Belgium
    Constructed throughout most of the 13th century, this attractive church represents the period of transition between the Romanesque and Gothic styles. It contains the tombs of several Belgium notables.
  • Münster Cathedral
    Munster, Germany
    Münster's attractive cathedral was built in the Transitional style of the early 13th century. It boasts a porch filled with medieval sculptures, a nave with only two bays, and a magnificent astronomical clock from 1540.
  • Noyon Cathedral
    Noyon, France
    Noyon has long been a religious center - the present cathedral is the fifth on this site. Charlemagne and Hugh Capet were crowned here. Built in 1150-1290, the current edifice is in the Transitional style.
  • Ruvo di Puglia Cathedral
    Ruvo di Puglia, Italy
    This is a small but elegant Romanesque cathedral in Puglia, southern Italy. Its facade features many interesting sculptures and a lovely rose window.