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Chartres Cathedral: North Portal (c.1230): Central Bay Statues

North Portal (c.1230): Central Bay Statues

Statues on the right side of the central bay of the 13th-century north portal. From left to right: Isaiah, who prophesied that " there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots" (Isaiah 11:1). He once held the flowering stem; a small figure of Jesse is below him. Jeremiah, who prophesied the Passion, holds a Greek cross and has an attentive listener beneath his feet. Simeon, the priest to whom Christ was presented at the temple, holds the Child in his arms. John the Baptist, thin from fasting, wears his camel hair tunic and points to a medallion of the Lamb of God; a dragon is beneath his feet. On the far right is St. Peter dressed as a pope. He once held a chalice as well as his keys and pastoral staff. In the shadows on the right is Elijah standing on the wheels of his chariot, with Elisha catching his mantle below.