Museum Amstelkring
This Catholic church in a canal house of the Red Light District is the only surviving schuilkerken(clandestine church) that dates from the Reformation, when open Catholic worship was outlawed.
Oude Kerk
Located alongside a canal in the Red Light District, the Oude Kerk is the oldest monument in Amsterdam, dating from 1250. Inside it has painted wooden ceilings, box pews and choir stalls with misericords.
Jewish Historical Museum
Housed in the 17th-century Great Synagogue of Amsterdam, this excellent museum displays Jewish art, religious objects, historical artifacts, and multimedia presentations.
Anne Frank House
During WW II, eight people from three families lived together in this house in near total silence for more than two years. Visiting the rooms where Anne Frank hid is a moving experience that brings her familiar words to life.
Ruins of a 14th-century church with connections to the Pilgrim Fathers, now in danger of demolition.
Designed in 1639 for a Protestant congregation, the Marekerk is a good example of Dutch Classicism.
The Renaissance-style Westerkerk (West Church) shelters the remains of Rembrandt and his son, Titus, and is where in 1966 Princess (now Queen) Beatrix and Prince Claus said their marriage vows.
Bible Museum
In Amsterdam's Bible Museum, visitors can explore biblical history and geography in a variety of objects, images, and installations. It also provides a rare opportunity to tour a 17th-century canal house.