La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz
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The city of La Paz is nestled in a valley atop the Bolivian plateau, surrounded by snowy peaks and dominated by Illimani, the sacred mountain. The setting is sure to take your breath away, and if it doesn't, the 12,464-foot (3,739m) altitude surely will! But most visitors say it's the people of La Paz, the Paceños, that make La Paz so unforgettable. Many of the women wear traditional clothing every day, which includes colorful multilayered petticoats and, oddly, bowler hats perched high atop their braided hair. Notable religious sights of La Paz include lovely colonial churches and the fascinating Witches' Market, reflecting local folk beliefs.

Iglesia de San Francisco
Originally built in the 16th century, this church is notable for its intricately carved facade, one the finest examples of Baroque-Mestizo architecture in the Americas.