Kairaouine Mosque
Founded in 857 by a wealthy woman from Tunisia, the Kairaouine is the second-largest mosque in Morocco and the country's spiritual center. Its minaret, dating from 956, is Morocco's oldest.
Hassan II Mosque
Completed in 1993, this is the second largest mosque in the world and the tallest structure in Morocco. Spectacularly situated on the Atlantic Ocean, it is filled with exquisite carvings.
Ben Youssef Medersa
Probably the most beautiful building in Marrakesh, this medieval Islamic school features intricate woodwork, stucco, and tiny student dormitories with balconies.
Almoravid Koubba
The oldest monument in Marrakesh (c.1100) and the only Almoravid building remaining in Morocco, this attractive domed structure was highly influential on Moroccan architecture.
Koutoubia Mosque
The largest mosque in Marrakesh, Koutoubia is famed for its monumental 12th-century minaret, which became the model for later Moroccan architecture.
Casablanca Cathedral
Built in 1930 during French rule, this cathedral in white concrete is a surprising and interesting sight in the heart of Casablanca.
Tomb of Moulay Idriss
The town of Moulay Idriss in northern Morocco has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, thanks to its tomb of Moulay Idriss el Akhbar, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
Tomb of Sidi Abd al Aziz
This small mausoleum is one of the tombs of the Seven Men of Marrakesh, established as a pilgrimage circuit in the 17th century. Sidi Abd El Aziz was a theologian in Fes and died in 1508.