St. Non's Well, St Davids

As was often the case in medieval Wales, the Chapel of St. Non became associated with a well, which lies to the east of the chapel, below the modern retreat center.


History of St. Non's Well

It is unknown when the well was first recognized as sacred. In the late 16th century, St. Non's Well was covered with a stone roof, with benches around the walls.

Its popularity as a wishing well, and the use of its waters to cure various complaints and to dip babies in, continued into the 18th century when repairs were made to the structure. In its present form St. Non's Well dates from 1951, when the Roman Catholic church restored it.

What to See at St. Non's Well

Reached by a short walk on a path through the fields from St. Non's Chapel, a small stream runs cold and clear out of an arched reservoir. Coins have been cast into the well. Next to the well is a simple wooden sign that reads:

This well is said
to have sprung up
during a thunderstorm
when St. David was
born about 500 AD.
Its waters are reputed
to have healing properties.

Near the well is a small shrine with a statue of St. Non, arms outstretched in compassion. She is decorated with bracelets and necklaces, and memorials and prayers for children have been left at her feet.

Quick Facts on St. Non's Well

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Names:St. Non's Well
Categories:shrines; megalithic monuments
Status: active
Visitor and Contact Information
Coordinates:51.872431° N, 5.268350° W
Address:St Davids, Wales
Hours:Always open.
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More Information

St. Non's Well in St Davids, Wales. © Holly Hayes
Statue of St. Non, mother of St. David. © Holly Hayes
Healing waters of St. Non's Well, with offerings. © Holly Hayes
Niche with statue of St. Non overlooking the well. © Holly Hayes

Map of St. Non's Well, St Davids

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