Prague, Czech Republic

Panoramic view of the city of Prague. Photo Creative Commons License Ma Rui.

The ancient city of Prague (Czech: Praha) hugs the hills rising from the River Vltava, connected by the iconic Charles Bridge. Rows of steeples stacked on onion domes pierce the sky, lending the city its nickname of "City of a Thousand Spires." Prague has seen many wars and conflicts over its long history, but today it is only hordes of tourists that pound its cobblestone streets. There is much to see in Prague of religious and historical interest, including an impressive Gothic cathedral located inside a castle, countless interesting churches, sites associated with the Bohemian reformer Jan Hus (who preceeded Luther by a hundred years), and a historic Jewish Quarter that is home to the oldest synagogue in Europe.

Church of Our Lady Victorious
Dating from 1611, this church in Prague is a destination for many pilgrims from all around the world, thanks to its statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague.