Aachen Cathedral
Commissioned by Charlemagne in 786 AD, Aachen's cathedral is the oldest in Northern Europe and contains several holy relics.
Hildesheim Cathedral
Founded in 1010, the cathedral of Hildesheim contains many treasures of early medieval art, including bronze doors carved with biblical scenes and a bronze column showing the life of Christ.
Luther House
The house where Luther and his family lived is well-preserved and full of Reformation relics, including Luther's desk, his pulpit, and first editions of his books.
Schottenkirche St Jakob
Founded by Irish missionaries, this Romanesque church is famed for its fascinating sculptured portal.
Regensburg Cathedral
Built in the 1300s on the site of earlier cathedrals, this is the finest Gothic building in Bavaria. Its harmonious exterior is alive with medieval sculptures and inside is medieval stained glass.
St. Anne's Church
In 1523, this became the first church in the county to officially embrace Protestantism. It is dedicated to Anne, the patron saint of miners (Luther's father's profession).
Martin Luther was a choir boy at St. George's Church and later preached here 1521; Bach was baptized here in 1685.
Augsburg Cathedral
Augsburg's historic cathedral has the distinction of containing the oldest stained-glass windows in the world (12th century). The cathedral was begun in 944 AD.