Reformation Wall
This huge monument was constructed in 1917 to commemorate Geneva's significant role in the Reformation. It features an array of stone statues, bas-reliefs and inscriptions.
The unique and imposing Great Minster was built in 1090 by Charlemagne as a shrine to local martyrs. Later, Zwingli preached the Reformation from its pulpit.
Lausanne Cathedral
This unique Gothic cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland, with carved portals on the outside and soaring heights inside. It was once home to a revered golden statue of the Virgin Mary.
Bern Münster
The Berner Münster (formerly Cathedral of St. Vincent) is a late-Gothic church with magnificent carved portals. Its spire is the tallest in Switzerland.
The Castle Church of Spiez is an atmospheric 10th-century church on the shores of Lake Thun. Inside are faded medieval frescoes.
Geneva Cathedral
In this historic cathedral you can see the pulpit from which John Calvin preached the Reformation, examine interesting carved capitals, and climb the tower for spectacular views.
This church near the train station is acclaimed as Switzerland's finest example of Protestant church building. Dating from the 1720s, the church has a fine Baroque interior.
Built over an abbey church founded in 835, this 13th-century church is known for its elegant spire and Marc Chagall windows.