Hildesheim, Germany

Old meets new on the quiet Andreasplatz in Hildesheim, Germany. Photo © Sacred Destinations.

Hildesheim (pop. 105,000) is a historic town of Lower Saxony, located near Hannover in north-central Germany. Its many attractions include two Early Romanesque churches that together are a World Heritage Site, a lovely market square and an important museum of Egyptian artifacts.

Hildesheim Cathedral
Founded in 1010, the cathedral of Hildesheim contains many treasures of early medieval art, including bronze doors carved with biblical scenes and a bronze column showing the life of Christ.
Built in the 11th century and faithfully rebuilt after World War II, this is the finest example of Ottonian Romanesque architecture anywhere. Its painted wooden ceiling dates from 1230.
The highest spire in Hildesheim belongs to the Gothic Andreaskirche, begun in 1389 and rebuilt after war damage in 1956. Inside is a notable organ and the tower can be climbed for fine city views.