United States

Crystal Cathedral
Home of the famous "Hour of Power" television program, this impressive modern church has walls made entirely of glass - in an earthquake-prone area of California.
Salt Lake Temple
Founded by Brigham Young and completed in 1893, the Salt Lake Temple is the most important Mormon temple in the world.
St. Patrick's Cathedral
This is the largest Catholic cathedral in the United States. Strongly rooted in Irish Catholic heritage, it hosted many of the funerals for fallen police and firefighters after 9/11.
National Cathedral
This Neo-Gothic Episcopal cathedral is the sixth largest cathedral in the world. Completed in 1990 after 83 years of construction, it hosts important national ceremonies such as presidential funerals.
Crater Lake
This spectacular mountain lake in the Cascade Mountains is widely renowned for its great depth and beauty. It is sacred to the Klamath Indians.
Columbia Hills Petroglyphs
Located along the Columbia River Gorge in Washington, Columbia Hills State Park is home to a remarkable collection of Native American rock art.
Unity Temple
This groundbreaking, concrete Unitarian church was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909, and is considered one of his great masterpieces.
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Completed in 2002, this modern Catholic cathedral is the third-largest in the world. It is a fine example of modern religious architecture and contains many notable artworks.