Heylshofgarten, Worms

The Heylshof Garden in Worms is the site of the Diet of Worms, an imperial court that banished Martin Luther into exile in 1521.


History of Heylshofgarten

In April 1521, the town's most famous visitor, Martin Luther, was called to appear before the Imperial Diet ("dee-it") at Worms. After refusing to retract his views (with the legendary words, "Here I stand, I can do no other"), Holy Roman Emperor Charles V declared him an outlaw.

That may have been the end of Luther's life had he not been rescued by Frederick of Saxony during the night and protected in Wartburg Castle.

The imperial palace in which the Diet was held extended as far as this garden, but it was destroyed in 1689.

What to See at Heylshofgarten

The Heylshofgarten is located on the north side of Worms Cathedral, not far from the Luther Monument on the Lutherring. The former site of the imperial palace now hosts a small peaceful park as well as the Kunsthaus Heylshof, an art museum with a fine collection including a colorful array of medieval stained glass.

A simple plaque on the ground on the side of the park nearest the cathedral marks the spot where Luther stood. It reads:


There is also a bronze plaque on a wall facing the garden, whose longer inscription commemorates the buildings that once stood on the site as well as Luther's appearance before the Diet of Worms.

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The Heylshof Garden and art museum on a sunny winter day. © Holly Hayes
The Heylshofgarten with fountain running in summer. © GFDL
Plaque marking the spot where Luther stood before the Diet of Worms. © Holly Hayes
Detail of plaque. © Holly Hayes
Luther wall plaque at the Heylshofgarten, Worms. © Mike Reed
Detail of plaque. © Mike Reed

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